3 Things That You Should Mention At Your Child's Sports Physical

Posted on: 2 March 2015

If your child or teenager wants to play sports this year, there's a good chance that you will need to take him or her to have a sports physical done. Sports physicals can be done at a pediatrician's office, family doctor's office, urgent care facility and many other healthcare facilities, such as Physicians Immediate Care Centers PS. Most of them are conducted in a very similar way. Basically, your child will be checked for overall physical health to ensure that it's safe for him or her to participate in school sports and other physical activity.

When your child goes in for the appointment, it's important to mention a few important things. By bringing these things up to your child's doctor, you can help ensure that the physical is done as thoroughly and accurately as possible, and you can make sure that your child's health won't be affected while participating in sports.

1. Previous Injuries

If you take your child to a clinic for the sports physical, there's a strong chance that the physician won't have all of your child's medical history on hand. Plus, your child may have had minor injuries in the past that were not treated by a medical professional, such as an ankle sprain. It's important to mention these injuries while your child is having the sports physical done to ensure that your son or daughter has healed properly and that these previous injuries won't cause any problems in the future.

2. Family History of Heart Conditions

Playing sports can really get the heart pumping. Although this is usually a good thing, those with heart problems can be injured if they exercise too strenuously. If your family has a history of heart conditions, there's a chance that your child could be at risk. By mentioning this family history, you can ensure that the physician does a thorough check of your child's heart during the sports physical.

3. Dizziness

Does your child ever complain about dizziness? If so, there could be an underlying issue that will need to be discovered before your child can safely play sports. If dizziness is a somewhat regular thing for your son or daughter, it should be mentioned at the sports physical.

A sports physical is a requirement for kids to play sports for many leagues and schools, and it's also important to ensure that your child is physically capable of playing sports without the risk of injury. If you mention these three things to the physician who conducts the physical, you can help ensure that your child's physical is done as accurately and thoroughly as possible.


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