Using Natural Products To Treat Your Nail Fungus Conditions

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Germs and fungal spores are mainly responsible for nail fungus conditions that you may be experiencing. Natural household ingredients can successfully prevent and treat your nail problems. Natural fungal-buster products are in plain sight right there in your home. People who have tried natural ingredients on their deteriorating nails are reporting success in reversing fungus growth. How about reaching into your cupboards and start reaping the benefits from using these ingredients on your nails?

Embedded In Your Nail System

When signs of ridges or a corrosive condition shows up on one of your fingernails or toenails, this means that the nail fungus is already embedded in your nail system. Nipping fungus growth quickly before it embeds deeply in your nail bed is the best solution to your problem.

Fungus growth needs moist and hidden areas to grow and feast on. Growth increases and is at its best when concealed right underneath your nails. Note that the growth pattern begins from underneath the nails and travels upward on the nail. It also buries itself under the cuticles and corner edges of your nails. Observe that the growth pattern from cuticle edges travels downward on your nails.

Vicks VapoRub

If you don't have good old metholatum in your medicine cabinet, then you haven't been listening to your mother or grandma. People who use this product for fungus treatment speak highly of the product's effect on their nail problems. But then again, is there any ailment that mentholatum can't heal? No not one, apparently. Keep rubbing the product on your nails at nighttime.

Some people recommend the use of Listerine Antiseptic and Vinegar as a soaking application for 30 minutes. They say it improves their nail fungus troubles. Vinegar is known for its healing and cleaning qualities, and Listerine Antiseptic contains medicinal qualities as well.

Non-Hydrogenated Coconut Oil Application

Fungus treatment results do not usually happen immediately. There is an exception to that rule. You will see a vast improvement of your nail condition when you for the first time treat your nails overnight with non-hydrogenated coconut oil. When you awake the next morning, your nails will look better than before you used the application. Continue using this treatment on a nightly basis for your nails' full recovery. Make sure to rub the ingredient underneath the fingertip of your nails and into the cuticles as well.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The good old adage that says prevention is better than cure certainly applies to nail care. Keep your nails clean and dry. Give your toenails breathing room by wearing sandals or open-toe slippers when you are at home. Walk around barefooted inside your home if you feel comfortable doing so.

Obtain Podiatry Care For Acute Condition

If you have never treated your nail fungus condition at any time and the condition has affected all your nails, you should consult with a podiatrist like Foot First Podiatry Centers who will offer medical intervention for your current problem.


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