Do You Have An Ill Diabetic Parent Who Needs Care? In Home Nursing May Be The Answer

Posted on: 15 April 2015

If you have an older parent who is battling diabetes and other health conditions and they can't care for themselves, it's time for in home nursing care. It can be hard to get to your parent's house every day or multiple times throughout the week to make sure everything is ok, and the nursing professional can give them assistance you can't.

There are many reasons why your parent will benefit from having an in home nursing professional come to the house.

Check Prescriptions and Medications

The medical professional can check the prescriptions and medications to make sure that your parent is taking what is needed. They can also take your parents vitals to make sure the medications are working as needed. They will check the insulin levels, heart rate, blood pressure and other things to know if everything is working like it should.


Is it difficult for you to give your parent a bath, or is it something you just don't want to do? If so, this is something the medical professional is capable of doing. This is a huge burden off your shoulders when it comes to caring for your parent.


Does your parent need some type of therapy to help strengthen their body or heal an injury? The nursing care professional can do this therapy with them, test their strength, and report the information to your parent's physician. They may need to have a nursing professional that specializes in therapy come in a couple times a week.

On Call When Needed

If there is a day where your parent is feeling abnormally ill or is having complications with their condition, the nurse can come out even if they aren't scheduled. They can check your parent to see if they need to go to the emergency room, or they can call the doctor and see what needs to be done.

You'll want to talk with your parent's insurance provider to see if they are willing to pay for in home nursing care. Your parent may get a rotation of RN's, LPN's, and even STNA's, depending on what they need done on different days. You don't have to feel like you are the one who holds all of the responsibility caring for your parent who is ill. Instead, you can get the help that they need, and you can go back to being their loving child instead of caretaker.

For more information, contact Professional Nurses Registry or a similar organization.


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