Don't Just Settle For Any Cane: Choosing A Cane That's Both Functional And Fashionable

Posted on: 8 July 2015

If you've ever sustained an injury or needed a cane for ambulation purposes, you may have been dismayed by the typical selection of gray metal and brown wooden canes awaiting you at your local pharmacy or healthcare supply store.

Let's face it, fashion probably isn't the main thing on the minds of most cane manufacturers, and that's understandable. Canes are made for the purpose of helping you to ambulate easier. But if you need to use a cane, why not make a fashion statement too?

Safety first

Safety should always come first when choosing a cane for yourself or a loved one. Always make sure a manufacturer has a good reputation in the healthcare industry. Beware of canes sold at flea markets or department stores that are more for looks. They may be pretty, but if they lack stability or are made of a flimsy material, you want to avoid them at all costs.

One size doesn't fit all

Even the best manufactured canes don't work the same for all people. If possible, the person who will be using the cane should take it for a test drive. If the cane does not feel right in the hand or is not comfortable, it can lead to improper ambulation techniques.

A cane should feel comfortable in the hand, be heavy enough to provide adequate support, and be light enough for the person using it to manage easily.

Metal canes equipped with adjustable height settings are good choices and can be easily adjusted depending on the height of the user. If you choose a metal cane, however, make sure it has a plastic or rubber hand grip, as metal canes can slip from the hand easily.

Broad-based canes have several small legs on the bottom and are helpful for those who have balance issues. This extra stability can provide security and may reduce the risk of falls.

Which handle style is best for you?

Most standard canes are equipped with curved handles and work fine if you have no hand weakness or problems with your grip strength. Straight-handled canes are the best choice for those who have weak hands and problems with their grip strength. Ergonomic handles may help prevent repetitive stress injuries and are worth looking into if you will be using the cane for long-term use.

Where fashion and functionality meet

Canes have come a long way since the days of plain wood and metal. Although many healthcare stores and pharmacies now carry some colorful varieties, you may have to shop around to locate one you love.

From floral patterns to animal prints, the canes made today have come a long way. Shopping online has opened up a whole new world for those who depend on a cane for ambulation.

Whether you need a cane for a short period of time, while you recover from an injury, or you need a cane due to long-term health issues, you're sure to find one that is both fashionable and functional.

Think safety first. Be realistic about your individual needs. Then be bold and pick a design and color you love. You may just start a new fashion trend.

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