3 Things Your Pharmacy Can Do For You

Posted on: 29 July 2015

If you are like most people, you might not think twice about your pharmacy unless something goes wrong with your refill. However, you might be missing out on great benefits that might make your life a lot easier. Here are three things your pharmacy might be able to do for you if you just ask:

1: Flavor Your Child's Medicine

Are you having a tough time getting your child to take that new medicine? Instead of trying to disguise the taste yourself or sneak it into your child's food, consider asking your pharmacist if they can flavor the medicine. In addition to using flavors like cherry, watermelon, grape, and orange, some pharmacies also use special additives to reduce bitter or sour flavors.

2: Create Pill Packets

For people who suffer from serious medical conditions, taking a complicated medication regimen is just another part of daily life. Unfortunately, if you have to deal with multiple medicines, it isn't always easy to keep track of your routine. However, to make things easier, some pharmacies offer customized pill packets.

After the pharmacist evaluates your daily medications, he or she can split your pills into easy to use morning, afternoon, and evening packets. In addition to saving you from having to open medication bottles, these packets are perfect for travel—since you can toss all of your medicines into your bag without taking the entire bottle with you. 

3: Suggest Medication Alternatives To Soothe Symptoms

Do you have to deal with any annoying medication side effects? For example, does that nausea medication make you constipated or that headache medicine make you tired? Although you might write off these symptoms as something you will have to live with, the fact of the matter is that your pharmacist might be able to help.

To make you as comfortable as possible, pharmacists spend a lot of time in school studying different medicines, interactions, and potential substitutions. They understand that if medicine makes you uncomfortable, you are less likely to take it--which could potentially aggravate your condition. To solve the problem, your pharmacist might be able to suggest supplements, another medication, or a different dosage. For example, you might be able to relieve that fatigue naturally by cutting your pills in half and taking each segment during different times of the day.

To find out which types of benefits your pharmacy offers, ask a professional pharmacist, like those at Colby Pharmacy, what they can do to help. 


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