Dealing With Lower Back Pain? Here Are 3 Ways A Wellness Center Can Help

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Oftentimes, people struggle with an aching back after working all day. While a massage will often help provide temporary relief, many people can't continue paying for them out of pocket. To overcome your back pain, you have to first understand what is making it hurt. Then, you can work on taking the necessary actions to put an end to the pain once and for all. Anyone can overcome the pain. It just takes the right tools in place to make it happen. Check out some of the ways you can nurture your sore back with the help of a wellness center professional. 

Strengthening the traverse abdominal muscles.

Your traverse abdominal muscles are the ones deep in your core, underneath the muscles that make up the six-pack. While planks, crunches, and sit-ups are great, they aren't going to work for strengthening your abs. Pilates mat exercises might be more up your alley. As you perform these exercises, you want to focus on deepening your abs, almost like if you were trying to zip up a pair of extremely tight pants. You don't have to be in the gym to do this exercise. You can do it just about anywhere. Focus on pulling your abs in and up to strengthen your transverse muscles.

Watch your posture.

Oftentimes, people end up slumping over as they sit at their office desk. Whether they are just tired or simply find it more relaxing, it can wreak havoc on your back. Sitting up straight will not only make you look taller, but it will make you feel more powerful, confident and attractive. But, the best benefit of all is that it takes all of the added stress off your lower back.

Pay attention to how you walk.

If you are someone who tends to walk with your toes outward almost like a dancer, it can end up throwing off your alignment. When that happens, your pelvic bones are forced inward and cause the lower spine to be compressed. Stand straight. Look at your feet and adjust your toes so that they are pointing straight. Carefully place your feet down to make sure they are perfectly aligned with each step. It won't be long and your back will start to open up.

To help you learn more about your posture and different exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, spend time talking with some of the professionals at the wellness center near you (such as Cherry Creek Wellness Center, Inc.).


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