4 Tips For Saving Money On Your Child's Braces

Posted on: 7 March 2016

While braces can be worn at any age, many parents choose to get their children orthodontic care as soon as possible to help correct bite and alignment issues. But braces and quality orthodontic care are not traditionally known for being inexpensive, so many people are left wondering how they will afford them, especially if more than one child will need to wear braces. Luckily, there are several ways to save money on orthodontic care. Use the following tips to make your child's braces more affordable and easier to budget for:

See an Orthodontist at a Young Age

Many kids have braces put on in the early teen years, but having your child see an orthodontist in elementary school can potentially save you a lot of money. If your dentist suspects that your child will have spacing or extreme bite issues, early intervention by an orthodontist while the permanent teeth are still growing in can help prevent major problems. Taking care of these problems early can reduce the length of time that braces have to be worn and help avoid more invasive orthodontic treatments, which can reduce the overall cost of having braces.

Ask About a Payment Plan

Most orthodontists know that braces are a major expense for a family, so many offices offer affordable payment plans that allow you to make payments each month throughout the course of your child's orthodontic treatment. Since many kids have to wear braces for a few years, breaking up the total cost into multiple payments can make it much easier for you to pay for the treatment.

Find an Orthodontist who Offers Sibling Discounts

It can be financially alarming to find out that two or more of your children will need braces, especially if they are close in age and will have overlapping treatments. Luckily, a lot of orthodontists will offer a discount on braces if more than one family member is receiving orthodontic treatment at the same office. These discounts are not always advertised, so don't hesitate to ask about it since it can potentially save you a substantial amount of money.

Seek Out a Deal at a Local Dental School

Many dental schools offer discount dental treatments, and some schools also offer orthodontic care. While much of the treatment will be done by dental students getting ready to graduate, all orthodontic work will be overseen and supervised by a licensed orthodontist. This option can allow your child to get the braces that he or she needs while being very affordable for you. Visit http://www.reedorthodonticsnaples.com for more information.   


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