Learn How A Doctor Can Determine If Your Child Is Having Hearing Issues

Posted on: 20 July 2016

If you believe that your child is having a hard time hearing, it is important to take him or her to the doctor as soon as possible to have their hearing checked. If there is an issue with their hearing, finding out the problem quickly will ensure that they can get the care that they need to be able to hear as clearly as they possibly can right away. When your child has to get their hearing tested, it is important to know what to expect. The guide below walks you through the steps that may be taken to test your child's hearing.

Exam by Your Child's Doctor

The first thing that will take place is that your child's doctor will examine his or her ears to make sure that there is nothing stuck in them. There are times when children can have things stuck in their ears without their parents having the slightest idea because the object is so far down their ear canal. If your doctor does not find any blockages in your child's canal, he or she may then opt to have your child take a hearing test.

Take a Hearing Test

If your child's doctor chooses to give your child a hearing test, your child's doctor may use a set of headphones to transmit sounds to your child to check their hearing. The sounds will only be transmitted into one side of the headphones at a time and the doctor will ask your child to indicate which side heard the sound. The sounds will be transmitted at different volumes to determine how well your child can hear faint sounds or loud sounds.

Establish a Treatment Plan

If your child's test indicates that there are hearing issues that need to be addressed, your child's pediatrician will more than likely refer your child to the doctor that specializes in ear, throat, and nose care. The otolaryngologist will be able to determine the type of treatment your child needs. Some children merely need hearing therapy, while others may need to have hearing aids to ensure that they can hear properly.

Regardless of which treatment plan the doctor chooses for your child, he or she will ensure that your child can hear better than they did before you had them evaluated. When having hearing aids made for a child, you want to be sure that they are durable and fit well into your child's ears. The doctor will have a fitting and walk you and your child through the proper use of the hearing aids to ensure that both of you know how to use them and care for them properly.  


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