Can Kids Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Posted on: 29 July 2016

When it comes to the world of pediatric plastic surgery, there is a lot of confusion and misconception. The important thing to understand is that, more often than not, pediatric plastic surgery is not done merely for cosmetic reasons

Typically, it is done to correct defects, such as a lazy eye, that can cause problems in the child's life, confidence, development, and/or overall wellbeing. Sometimes, plastic surgery is also performed to correct issues related to an accident or injury.

While there often are cosmetic benefits to childhood plastic surgery, these are usually secondary in nature. Whether that changes how you feel about childhood plastic surgery or not, you should know that for many children and parents in a wide variety of situations, pediatric plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing.

Book a Consultation

If you feel that, for whatever reason, your child could benefit from pediatric plastic surgery, the first step in your journey is to find a qualified plastic surgeon, preferably one that has experience with or specializes in working with young patients. Try and select only surgeons that are board certified.

Once you have a few good possibilities in mind, book consultations. These may be free, or they may have a small fee attached, so keep that in mind if you are trying to stick to a tight budget. Consultations will give you and your child a chance to meet the surgeon, see what he proposes, ask questions, get pricing information, and gauge how comfortable you both feel with the surgeon.

From your consultations, you should be able to choose a surgeon that is well qualified but also that puts you at ease and whom you have confidence in to help your child and put his or her best interests first.

Don't Be Afraid to "Take a Trip"

While there are good plastic surgeons all over the country, nothing beats the security of finding a plastic surgeon that you and your child both feel comfortable with. As such, if you can't find someone that you like in your area, don't be afraid to travel and look outside of your general area or even your state to find the right person.

The very best plastic surgeons tend to be in larger cities anyway, so it's definitely worth a look. Do try and avoid going outside of the country, though, where standards may not be to the same quality as in the United States.

The bottom line is that you are the only one who can decide if plastic surgery is right for your child, but if you do ultimately decide that it is, make sure to be very careful and selective in choosing the very best surgeon possible.


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