Considering Non-Surgical Body Sculpting? 3 Considerations Before Opening Your Wallet

Posted on: 2 August 2016

There are various non-surgical methods of sculpting your body, such as lasers and freezing away stubborn fat. Since the lure of these procedures is they do not involve anesthesia and can be less expensive than more invasive methods, you need to ensure you are getting your money's worth.

Select The Appropriate Procedure

The appropriate procedure depends on the specific area of your body and the type of work you want done. First, non-surgical methods are best used on small areas on the body, such as a lower abdominal pouch or saddle bags. If you have a larger area, such as contouring your entire abdomen or thighs, liposuction is a better tool since it is designed to remove larger volumes of fat. Some lasers are designed to reduce fat while tightening the skin. The lower abdomen and underarms are areas that are especially prone to having excess skin once the fat is removed. Having concurrent skin tightening can reduce your concerns, especially if you already know you have issues with skin elasticity.

Find The Right Doctor

Your results are contingent upon the experience of the practitioner, which comes from both adequate training and experience with other patients. When you are considering the procedure, find reputable practitioners, such as cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists, who have used the technology for many years. They should be able to show you an electronic or physical portfolio of their work so you can gauge the effectiveness of the procedure. Ideally, their portfolio should include many examples of the same problem area you want fixed.

Accept It Is Not An Instant Fix

The results of non-surgical body sculpting procedures are not as instantaneous as invasive surgical procedures. Depending on the specific procedure, it may take several months before your body finishes metabolizing the dead fat cells and you can notice a significant difference in inches. Additionally, it may take several treatments before you achieve the results you want. Just like other forms of body sculpting, it is possible to reverse your results if you are not being diligent about your diet and exercise routine. Fortunately, with non-surgical methods, there is no recuperation time, which means you can go back to your exercise routine quickly.

Non-surgical body sculpting methods are an excellent tool to help you achieve the body you want with fewer risks than liposuction or other invasive cosmetic techniques. Before you make the decision to have any form of body sculpting, make sure you give yourself the best chance at achieving and maintaining the results.

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