Recognizing And Allowing Your Spiritual Being Inside You To Help Heal Your Depression Condition

Posted on: 14 December 2016

It's not unusual for everyone to experience a period of sadness in their lives, which might last for only a short time. You get past that feeling and move on hopefully. Some people find that their sadness grows into lasting melancholy. They can't seem to perform their activities of daily living without despair. You may feel that you are trapped into a hopeless situation that you cannot escape. You feel completely overwhelmed and stop taking care of yourself. Recognizing your symptoms and an awareness of your spiritual being that's inside you can help you heal from this silent and devastating depression condition.

The Thief Of Your Soul

One of the most searing effects of depression is that it attacks your mind and body. Depression triggers you to believe that God is punishing you. It robs your soul's worth with a fury. This illness engages in a battle to steal the spiritual soul you were born with. You must reach to the highest degree of your soul and cry out to God for intervention even if you are taking medication.

Medication Only Is Not The Cure

Your physician will offer medication to help you, but medication is only palliative. You need more than medication to steer you out of despair and lead you to full holiness. Healing with spiritual guidance will go a long way to deliver you from depression.

There Is A Way Out Of Depression

Depression reaches far into your soul to make you feel there is no way out of your suffering. Keep your faith in God the Supreme Being to effectively heal you. There is a depression transformation that must take place within you in order for you to emerge victorious. That transformation will not be found only by conventional psychotherapy, which is generally thought to be the answer to depression healing.

Psychotherapy Is Not The Only Answer

Sure there are early childhood provokers and biochemical imbalances that feed depression. When you recognize depression as a thief that's testing your faith though, you're beginning the journey of transforming your soul to its highest level. With that in mind, choose a counselor who is a spiritually clever guide who will consistently help you to spiritually heal negative thinking.

Let Faith And Belief Rule

Negative thinking is a lethal weapon that depression uses to convince you that there is no hope for you. Allow your inner strength guided by your spirituality to banish those thoughts the second they enter your mind. Say out loudly, "I will resist negative thoughts." Repeat those words with faith and belief two or three times as you call on God to help you through your struggle with depression. Make sure that pastoral counseling is always available to you when you need it.

Blessings and healing to you, friend.



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