Ease Rheumotoid Arthritis Symptoms In Your Wrists And Fingers

Posted on: 22 October 2017

If you are a construction worker and have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in your wrists and fingers and experience stiffness and pain that make it difficult to use your hands at times, the suggestions below may help ease symptoms and make it easier for you to complete work duties.

Wear Heated Gloves

If you have noticed that you experience more pain on days that it is cold outside, wearing a pair of heated gloves may help counteract the pain. Thick, padded gloves that are insulated with battery-operated heat chambers will keep your wrists and fingers warm on the coldest of days and will trick your body into feeling as if you are in a warmer climate.

After purchasing a pair of gloves, wear them at home whenever arthritis symptoms flare up so that you can calculate how long it takes for the heat to help reduce pain. On days where you will be working long hours in frigid temperatures, bring your gloves along with you and put them on prior to working with hand tools. Wear the gloves for short intervals or for entire workshifts.

Use Braces That Are Designed To Stablize

Stabilizing your wrists and fingers will prevent you from moving your hands in an awkward manner, which could increase pain and make it unbearable for you to complete tasks. Of course, stabilizing your hands won't be beneficial on days that you need to complete manual labor, but you can still benefit by using the hand braces while at home resting after a long day of work.

Hand braces that are constructed of lightweight fabric need to be placed over each hand so that the edges of the fabric cover your wrists. Afterward, adjust the strap that is secured to each brace until the braces feel snug and comfortable. Remove the braces after your pain has subsided. 

Hire Additional Crew Members

Although you might be used to working alone or alongside very few crew members, your health and well-being should come first now that you are dealing with chronic pain on a routine basis. Consider hiring some additional crew members to assist with tedious tasks that involve using your hands and tools to construct items that contain a lot of detail.

Complete some other job duties that won't require you using your hands as much as normal, such as overseeing projects, inspecting materials that were recently constructed, and ordering supplies that are needed on each job site. Your body will thank you for not being so hard on yourself and you may notice a decrease in the amount of pain in your wrists and fingers as a result.


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