Reduce The Risk Of A Child Getting Burned With These Tips Around The House

Posted on: 28 November 2017

When you have young children, it's imperative that you take a mindful approach to household safety so that you don't end up visiting the pediatrician with an injury. Burns are a concern for every family, and while you'd likely visit an emergency room if your child were severely burned, it's probable that you'd see a pediatric physician for minor burns. Given that a young child can get burned around the house in a variety of different ways, it's important to constantly be identifying potential dangers in your home and working to correct them. Here are some steps that you can take to prevent burns to your child. 

Be Smart At Bath Time

Children can get burned by hot bathwater, so there are a couple different strategies that you can employ. One idea is to always be present when your child is bathing. This will already be the case with infants, but you may wish to adopt this idea even as your children get a little older. Your presence will prevent a child from turning the hot water on and getting scalded under it. Another approach that you can take is to adjust your home's hot water heater to lower the heat; this way, even if a child does turn on the hot water, its temperature won't be enough to burn.

Keep Hot Things Away From Counter Edges

As children grow and are able to reach higher surfaces, you need to ensure that there's nothing within arm's reach that could cause a burn. An easy way for a child to get burned is by reaching up to the edge of the counter and touching a hot pot or pan, or even knocking it over so that it falls onto him or her. Make sure that whenever you're in the kitchen, you set any hot cookware well back from the edge of the counter so that your child cannot reach it.

Place Barriers Around Heaters

Depending on how you heat your home, you may have electric baseboard heaters or even space heaters in use. These devices can be extremely hot, and a curious child could receive a burn upon touching them. Furniture or baby gates, provided that they're not placed too close, can form an effective barrier around hot baseboard heaters. If you use space heaters, setting them on surfaces that your children cannot reach or surrounding them with baby gates can keep your children's tender hands away.


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