Substitute These Products For A Child With A Milk Allergy

Posted on: 16 January 2018

When it comes to being unable to consume dairy products, it's common to hear about those who suffer from a lactose intolerance. There are other people, however, who have milk allergies — and this issue isn't the same as a lactose intolerance. If allergy testing has revealed that your child has a milk allergy, you'll obviously want to ensure that he or she stays away from milk. However, given the prevalence of milk in the average child's diet, you'll want to look for suitable alternatives to products that contain milk so that your child doesn't feel as though he or she is missing out. Here are some other products that you can use.

Almond Milk

After your child's allergy testing has revealed a milk allergy, one of the biggest changes is that he or she won't be able to have cow's milk any longer. A safe product to introduce to your child's diet is almond milk. This beverage is made of almonds and water and can be a valuable replacement for cow's milk, whether it's to drink, pour over cereal, or even make a milkshake with fresh fruit. Almond milk comes unflavored and unsweetened, which is ideal for some applications, but it's also available sweetened and in flavors such as chocolate.

Coconut Ice Cream

Any child who can no longer consume milk will be missing having ice cream, but you can fortunately fill this void by buying coconut ice cream. Available at many grocery stores, this dessert product is made with creamed coconut milk instead of dairy products. Coconut ice cream is commonly available in a wide range of flavors, and because it's geared toward those who cannot consume milk products, you can be confident that your child won't have any trouble with this dessert.

Soy Yogurt

You'll also need to cut regular yogurt out of your child's diet upon his or her milk allergy diagnosis. Lots of children enjoy yogurt, and it can be a valuable breakfast food, an addition to a child's school lunch, and even a dessert or a snack when the child is at home. A suitable alternative that you may wish to consider is soy yogurt, which is safe for those with milk allergies. As with other milk-free products, soy yogurt is available in a plain flavor, which is ideal for topping with fresh fruit and granola, but its also available in numerous flavored varieties. By introducing your child to these products, you can feel confident that you're staying away from milk without your child missing out.

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