Common Causes Of Erectile Disfunction

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a male is unable to maintain an erection sufficient to achieve ejaculation during sexual intercourse. There are a number of reasons why a man might struggle with this problem, and treating the underlying cause is just as important as treating the dysfunction itself. Your doctor can give you ED treatment medications that help you sustain an erection, but you should also learn the cause so you can improve the condition if you can. Here are some common causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Heart Disease

The penis becomes erect as the body direct blood flow into the vascular tissue or the organ. When blood is not able to travel efficiently to the penis, a full erection cannot occur, and the organ does receive as much stimulation during intercourse. Heart disease and clogged arteries reduce the volume of blood available during arousal, which is why having heart problems can directly affect your ability to become physically aroused. Occasional dysfunction can occur, but if you find that your penis will not become fully erect, you might contact your doctor for blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart screenings.

Substance Abuse

Some substances act as a depressant, lowering the blood pressure and slowing the breathing. During sex, your blood pressure and breathing increase to sustain the pumping of blood through reproductive organs. The frequent use of alcohol and drugs can directly influence your body's ability to function normally during sex. You might consider rehabilitation programs to treat addiction, or if you simply have been using substances recreationally, you might cut back to see if your normal sexual function is restored.

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Obesity and related illness included diabetes and metabolic syndrome make it harder for you to achieve an orgasm. Men who are more than thirty pounds overweight produce less testosterone. Testosterone is necessary for sustaining an erection because testosterone is what increases the level of nitric oxide in penile tissue. The nitric oxide is what allows the blood vessels in the penis to dilate fully so they can become engorged with blood. Losing weight through better diet and increased physical activity is a simple way to improve your health and your sex life. 

Psychological Triggers

Sometimes, there is no underlying physical cause for erectile dysfunction. Instead, you can experience impotence because of emotional or mental health problems. Men who have depression may not be able to feel sexually aroused, which in turn affects their ability to experience the physical side of sexual desire. Anxiety, work stress, or even nervousness about sexual expression because of past bad experiences can also affect performance. Counseling and medication might be needed to help solve psychological barriers to physical arousal. 


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