3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Health This Spring & Prevent Unnecessary Trips To The Urgent Care

Posted on: 31 March 2019

As you clean up your house and organize your life this spring, be sure to take some time to also address your health. Spring is a great time to check-in with yourself and make sure you are treating your body well. By treating your body well, you can prevent the need for emergency care. 

#1 Take Care of Any Check-Ups

If you have not scheduled your yearly physical and wellness check, call up your primary care provider and schedule your wellness check for the year. If you have not seen your dentist or eye doctor yet this year, schedule those appointments as well.

Yearly check-ups with your primary care physician, eye doctor, and dentist are important for taking care of and keeping up with your health. These appointments can help pick up warning signs early when preventative treatment is all you need. These yearly appointments also allow your doctor's to track changes to your health over time. 

Getting a yearly check-up can prevent the need to go to urgent care for regular care. You should use urgent care when you feel an unexpected illness, and can't get into your regular doctor. Getting a yearly wellness check-up will ensure you only need to use urgent care for items that are really urgent, and not regular healthcare items that were neglected by failing to visit your primary care physician. 

#2 Go Through Your Medical Cabinet

As you work your way through cleaning your home, add in some time to go through your medicine cabinet. Check the date on all your medication, including your aspirin, and throw it out if it is past the expiration date or is very near the expiration date. If anything smells or looks strange, it has to go. For medication that is out of date, take it back to any pharmacy that will recycle your old medication. Remember to check the date on everything, including those old cough drops. Just like you don't want to eat expired food, you don't want to consume expired medication either.

When you get sick, you need to go see your regular doctor or go to the urgent care clinic, not try to self-medicate yourself with the old medication in your medication cabinet. You also don't want to end up in urgent care sick from old medication you took, so go through your medical cabinets and get rid of your old medication and don't treat yourself the next time you get sick. 

#3 Get Rid of Your Old Workout Tennis Shoes

You really shouldn't wear your shoes until they fall apart. Your tennis shoes are designed to be replaced after a certain amount of wear and tear. After so many miles, your shoes will lose their cushioning and the heal will wear out. If you run every day, you should be replacing your tennis shoes every three months or so in order to protect your feet from damage. If you exercise on a lighter schedule, every six months is adequate.

Replacing your shoes on-time not only protects your feet, it can also protect your lower back from pain as well. Don't get hurt working out because your shoes are too old; take care of them and replace them. Save yourself a trip to the urgent care for a sprained ankle or broken bone due to an injured caused by old shoes. 

This spring take care of your health by scheduling your yearly wellness checks with all of your doctors. Go through your medical cabinet and purge all old and expired medication and medical supplies. Don't wear your shoes out; replace your workout shoes to provide your feet and back with the support they need. Taking care of your health will prevent you from making unnecessary trips to the urgent care clinic. However, if you do experience an unexpected illness or non-life threatening injury, you should head down to your urgent care clinic right away for treatment.


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