Four Reasons for Buying the Flowers of the Cannabis Plant

Posted on: 22 July 2019

CBD, or cannabidiol, is used for a number of health products now. You may see the Cannabis or CBD flower sale ads all over the internet, but unless you know exactly what you are buying, you may be surprised when you receive your order. The flower of these plants is the top-most part, above all of the leaves and the stems. Most people just want the cannabis leaves for recreational or medicinal purposes, but they are missing out on the properties of the flowers themselves. Here are four reasons for buying the flowers of the plant, rather than just the leaves and stems. 

THC Is More Concentrated in the Flower

If the THC is what you want, a lot of it is found in the flower bud itself. That is because this is where these plants are pollinated, and where they produce seeds to grow the next plants. Even the male cannabis plant, which produces very little THC, still has a higher concentrate in the flower bud. When you definitely want the hallucinogenic properties of the THC, then the buds of the female marijuana plant is where it is at. 

You Can Harvest the Seeds and Grow Your Own

If you live in a state where is perfectly legal to grow your own cannabis plants, you can purchase the flowers, dig out the seeds, and plant them to grow your own. The more buds you buy, the more likely you are to find enough seeds to grow a plant or two. The flowers are often harvested right at their peak, before they drop their seeds. 

The Extract is More Powerful, Medicinally Speaking

If you are only after the health benefits of CBD, then you can extract the purest oil in greater quantities from the flowers. It requires pressing and boiling them, and then reducing the liquid until all you have is a sort of oily, sticky substance. This is what you need to consume for everything from pain relief to appetite enhancer while recovering from cancer. 

You Need a Continuous Supply to Keep up with Need

You will need enough flower buds to express enough seeds and/or oil extract to create a dosage for daily use (or enough seeds, about six to eight, to grow one plant). Order the flower buds by the pound bag. One pound of flowers should produce enough extract for two to four weeks, if you know what you are doing. In terms of seeds, you should get enough seeds to grow four to ten plants.


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