Strangulation Course: What Do Students Learn From It?

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Individuals in the medical field may take a strangulation course to understand how to identify the various strangulation signs in people. A person can survive strangulation. When they survive such a physical attack, the best thing for the victims to do is visit a hospital to receive medical care and have their injuries documented.

The Purpose Behind a Strangulation Course For Medical Professionals

When attacked by another person, an individual may suffer from strangulation. It typically occurs when someone wraps their hands around the throat of another person. If they are not using their hands, they may be using something else, such as rope or wire, to prevent their victim from breathing freely. Even if the victim does not pass away from the strangulation, they can sustain numerous injuries that medical professionals need to identify and include in a victim's medical chart. The information on strangulation added to the victim's medical chart can be used in the courtroom if the victim files a lawsuit against their attacker.

What Will the Medical Professionals Learn From Taking the Course?

Medical students will learn a lot from taking a strangulation course, such as:

  • Learning how to check the neck and head for trauma
  • Examining the eyes for popped blood vessels and other signs of damage
  • Checking the nose to see if it is broking or bleeding
  • Monitoring the victim's breathing and making a note of any concerns
  • Looking for bruises and scratches throughout the body, such as around the neck and ears

When medical professionals are working with a strangulation victim, they will need to provide the best care while comforting the victim. They may have been attacked by someone they know or a stranger. The course teaches medical professionals some of the most apparent signs of strangulation. Those helping victims of strangulation may need to take photos of the injuries to add to the medical files for legal purposes.

Unfortunately, strangulation can happen quite often. Some people die from strangulation while others survive and suffer from the symptoms associated with it. If an individual gets attacked and someone attempts to strangle them with their hands or a foreign object, they should seek immediate medical attention at a hospital. Medical staff members who have taken a strangulation course, such as a strangulation SANE course, will learn how to check for all the strangulation signs while providing medical care to treat the injured patient. 


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