Minimizing The Effects Arthritis Can Have On Your Quality Of Life

Posted on: 17 March 2021

Arthritis is a common problem that many people will experience as they age. Yet, arthritis is also a condition that people will often fail to effectively manage due to not understanding some specifics about this condition.

Appreciate The Damage That Unmanaged Arthritis Can Cause To Your Joints

Unmanaged arthritis can have major impacts on your quality of life by preventing you from being able to engage in many of the activities that you enjoy doing the most. However, unmanaged arthritis can also contribute to actual damage occurring to your joints. In particular, the bone in the joints can become worn as a result of the lack of protective cartilage to serve as padding. In extreme cases, arthritis can lead to a person needing to have their joint replaced in order to restore their mobility and relieve pain.

Be Mindful Of The Relationship Between Your Weight And Arthritis Pain

Being overweight is a factor that may increase the risk of your arthritis becoming severe. This is due to the fact that additional weight on the joints can increase the strain that they will experience when supporting your weight. This can both cause the cartilage in the joints to breakdown more quickly while also causing your existing arthritis symptoms to worsen. Effectively managing your weight is a necessary step for allowing you to mitigate the pain and discomfort that you experience from your arthritis while also slowing the progression of the joint damage.

Start Seeking Regular Care From A Rheumatologist

Working with a professional to manage your arthritis is the most effective strategy for the majority of patients. A rheumatologist is a physician that specializes in treating the causes and symptoms of arthritis. In addition to determining whether a full joint replacement is needed, these professionals can also help you with managing the inflammation that can accompany arthritis. This may be through the use of anti-inflammatory medications that will provide substantial relief. Furthermore, these caregivers can help you with creating a diet and exercise plan that may help to promote healthy joints.

Managing your arthritis symptoms is an important goal if you are to minimize the effects that it can have on your comfort and mobility. Knowing the potential consequences of not addressing arthritis, the importance of controlling your weight, and the type of care that a rheumatologist is able to provide can make your developing arthritis much easier to manage and slow.

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