Learn About Virtual Doctor Visits

Posted on: 21 January 2022

If you aren't feeling well, then you may be able to choose a virtual doctor visit instead of dragging yourself out of bed to go sit in the doctor's office. Virtual doctor's visits have been used for a while now by many providers. However, a lot of others joined with the pandemic, seeing a need to treat people without crowding everyone in the same office space. Keep reading for more on some things you should know about virtual doctor's visits: 

Virtual doctor visits can be done from anywhere

No matter where you are, you can go online and connect with your doctor if you need to be seen for certain things. Some examples of the types of health-related issues you can be seen online for include illnesses or injuries that don't require tests like x-rays or labs in order to diagnose. The virtual doctor visits can be set up differently from one another, depending on the system being used. In some cases, you can have a video call with the doctor. In other cases, you may answer questions and send the answers off. Then, you may receive a phone or video call from the doctor if they have any other questions. As long as you have an Internet connection, and you have a quiet space, you can see the doctor from home, from the office, or from a relative's home. 

You can receive a prescription

Some people assume that you won't be able to get prescriptions when you see the doctor virtually. However, this is not true. If the doctor you have your virtual visit with feels that a prescription is in order, then they will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. You can go in and pick up your medication just as you normally would. 

Your insurance likely covers virtual doctor visits

Even if you have to pay out of pocket for your virtual visit, you will find that they are often much more affordable than going into the office. However, the good news is that most insurance companies are covering virtual doctor visits. Your insurance company should also cover the prescription, as long as it falls in the category of medications covered in your policy. 

You can get medical care when you may not otherwise be able to get it

There may be times when you would normally have to go without medical attention. If you are sick and you don't have a ride to the doctor, you may put off benign seen until you are able to find a ride. With virtual visits, you can get treated right away, helping you to get better sooner and possibly avoid a worsening of symptoms.


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