Prepare And Pack For An Overnight Sleep Study

Posted on: 22 February 2022

An overnight sleep study will require you to make some preparations and pack a bag that contains some personal belongings. Upon consulting with the facilitator of the study, you will be equipped to make preparations and compile the items that you will be bringing with you.


A testing center is typically designed to promote a setting that is similar to a hotel guest room or a private bedroom. There will be testing equipment within the room, but this gear is not going to restrict you throughout a study. Metal sensors and testing bands will be attached to you throughout your stay. The facilitator of the study may advise you to shower before coming to the center.

You may be directed to avoid putting on lotion, jewelry, and other topical products and adornments that could impede the adhesion of sensors or testing bands. To acquire an accurate reading of your breathing patterns, brain activity, and physical movements, the testing equipment will need to be able to make full contact with clean, dry skin that is uncovered.


Promoting a good night's sleep begins with taking care of your personal needs. At the sleep center, a facilitator will likely want you to mimic the same evening rituals that you use at home. This includes changing into pajamas, brushing your teeth, and taking any prescribed medications. Pack a pair of pajamas that are comfortable and loose-fitting. Before the testing process begins, you will be given time to change into your nightwear and use the restroom facility that is onsite.

Afterward, you may be given a block of time to relax. Your sleep study room may contain a television, reading materials, and other activities that will not overly stimulate you. The facilitator of the test may welcome you to bring along your own personal reading materials. After all of the testing equipment has been hooked up, you will be able to unwind while laying back in the bed that you have been furnished with.

You will be given a timeframe in which to enjoy a television program or another activity. Once the test will begin, you will be instructed to put all of your belongings away and to try to sleep. In the morning, you will be given time to change into a clean outfit. Afterward, you will meet with the facilitator of the test to discuss the preliminary results of the study.

Now that you know what to do to prepare for an overnight sleep study, contact a facility near you.


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