How Orthopedic Rehab Can Help With Fracture Recovery

Posted on: 20 April 2022

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a treatment method that focuses on the healing process after an orthopedic injury. During this time, you will work with a physical therapist to help improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles. Your therapist will also teach you exercises to do at home to continue to heal and prevent future injuries from reoccurring.

Speeds Up Healing Process

Through an orthopedic rehabilitation program, you can help your body heal faster by getting back into the habit of moving. A physical therapist will help you identify the best exercises to do at home to help you heal and prevent future injuries from reoccurring. By engaging in therapeutic exercises and soft tissue massage, you help blood and oxygen reach the injured area and stimulate the healing process. Orthopedic rehab can even help you return to work earlier than expected, which is great if you need to maintain your schedule during your recovery period.

Prevents Muscle Weakness

Your muscles start to weaken if you're in bed for too long after your injury. This can lead to more serious problems, like muscle spasms and joint stiffness. That's where physical therapy comes in. During your orthopedic physical therapy visits, a physical therapist can help you identify the muscles that are being affected by your injury and help you work on strengthening them again. This can prevent your muscles from becoming weak in the first place and keeps you in better shape for future use.

Reduces Pain

Break or fracture a bone and you will likely experience pain and swelling. But, as your body heals, it can become increasingly painful to move certain parts of your body. Orthopedic treatment can help reduce pain and inflammation in your injured area, which can make moving around easier. During your orthopedic treatment visits, your physical therapist will help you identify which areas of your body are causing you the most pain and work to minimize that pain while you're in the office. This can include using ice, massage, or other pain-relieving methods to help reduce the inflammation and irritation in the area.

As you can see, orthopedic treatment can help speed up the healing process and prevent future injuries. It can also help reduce pain and improve your range of motion, which can help you get back to your regular routine much quicker. So, if you're dealing with an injury, don't hesitate to get in touch and schedule an orthopedic physical therapy appointment. Orthopedic rehab can help speed up the healing process and keep you in the game, no matter how long your recovery period is. 

For more information, contact a clinic that offers orthopedic rehab services. 


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