Understanding Surgical Vs. Medical Abortion

Posted on: 23 May 2022

Abortion is not the same for each person. Depending on your preferences, your health, and how far along your pregnancy has progressed, you may have different ideas about what kind of abortion you would like to undergo.

There are two main options for early pregnancy termination: surgical abortion and medical abortion. Medical abortion requires taking pills, whereas surgical abortion takes place in a clinic under sedation.

Whether you are about to undergo surgical or medical abortion, it is beneficial to know what is going to happen next. This is what you need to know about each option.

Surgical Abortion Requires Surgery

Some people prefer to undergo a surgical abortion because it is performed completely under the guidance of a doctor, who will use a suction device to remove the contents of the uterus. You will receive anesthesia when you undergo this part of the procedure.

When you choose medical abortion, you do not have to undergo anesthesia or surgery. If you prefer not to undergo anesthesia or don't have as much time to recover, you may choose medical abortion if you are able.

Medical Abortion Requires a Variety of Medications

If you undergo medical abortion, you will take several pills that end the pregnancy, causing the contents of the uterus to be shed naturally. This process takes a few days, and you may experience cramps over the course of the medication taking effect.

Surgical Abortion Is More Effective in Some Cases

When you undergo surgical abortion, you are at a lower risk of the procedure failing or being incomplete. Keep in mind that medical abortion is still effective, but you should know that the timeline of your pregnancy matters. For example, medical abortion is more likely to be effective earlier in your pregnancy.

Medical Abortion Can Be Performed Early

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may consider a medical abortion. Medical abortion can be performed very early on, which means that you can make your decision very early in your pregnancy, perhaps even before you experience major pregnancy symptoms.

Surgical Abortion Causes Less Bleeding

When you undergo surgical abortion, you are less likely to bleed as heavy when you get home. If you have concerns about bleeding, you may choose surgical abortion to avoid any potential health risks or anxiety about the blood.

Talk to a Doctor to Learn More

If you are considering abortion, speaking with a doctor who provides these services will be a helpful step. Contact your doctor in the first trimester of pregnancy, preferably as early as possible, to talk about these options or visit a local abortion services clinic. 


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