How Orthopedic Rehab Can Help With Fracture Recovery

Posted on: 20 April 2022

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a treatment method that focuses on the healing process after an orthopedic injury. During this time, you will work with a physical therapist to help improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles. Your therapist will also teach you exercises to do at home to continue to heal and prevent future injuries from reoccurring. Speeds Up Healing Process Through an orthopedic rehabilitation program, you can help your body heal faster by getting back into the habit of moving.
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How Counselors Help Young Adults with Substance Abuse Disorders

Posted on: 23 March 2022

Mental health counselors treat many teenagers and young adults who deal with substance abuse or dependence. Often, substance use is related to different types of mental health disorders, but there is a lot to understand about adolescents who use substances. In many cases, teens and young adults experience developmental issues. Behavioral health counselors are often able to provide help with these concerns. Here's what you should know about teens and substance abuse treatment with a counselor.
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Prepare And Pack For An Overnight Sleep Study

Posted on: 22 February 2022

An overnight sleep study will require you to make some preparations and pack a bag that contains some personal belongings. Upon consulting with the facilitator of the study, you will be equipped to make preparations and compile the items that you will be bringing with you. Policies A testing center is typically designed to promote a setting that is similar to a hotel guest room or a private bedroom. There will be testing equipment within the room, but this gear is not going to restrict you throughout a study.
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Learn About Virtual Doctor Visits

Posted on: 21 January 2022

If you aren't feeling well, then you may be able to choose a virtual doctor visit instead of dragging yourself out of bed to go sit in the doctor's office. Virtual doctor's visits have been used for a while now by many providers. However, a lot of others joined with the pandemic, seeing a need to treat people without crowding everyone in the same office space. Keep reading for more on some things you should know about virtual doctor's visits: 
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