4 Tips For Fighting Acne Scarring With Ease

Posted on: 12 October 2015

While many teens and young adults suffer with acne, that doesn't make the scars any less of a problem. Depending on how bad the scars are, the treatment methods that are going to work will vary from one person to the next. To help treat scarring and restore your skin back to its natural condition, try some of the tips outlined below. Tea Tree Oil A gel that contains 5% tea tree oil often works just as well as a lotion that contains 5% benzoyl peroxide.
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What Is Sundowning and How Can Occupational Therapy Help?

Posted on: 28 September 2015

Many Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers at one time or another deal with a problem called "sundowning." Whether you're a patient or a caregiver, it's important to know what sundowning is and how an occupational therapist can help. What is sundowning? Sundowning is a phenomenon that occurs in many patients with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Sundowning is the worsening of the condition after the sun goes down. Sundowning commonly occurs in the middle stages of Alzheimer's.
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4 Things You Need To Know About Oral Allergy Syndrome

Posted on: 9 September 2015

Some people who are allergic to pollen also have reactions to fruits, vegetables, or nuts. This happens due to cross-reactivity: the proteins in pollens and the proteins in some foods are similar enough that your immune system reacts to both. Pollen-allergic people who have reactions to cross-reactive foods may have oral allergy syndrome. Here are four things you need to know about this type of allergic reaction. What are the signs of this reaction?
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Using A Foam Roller To Treat Sports-Related Pain

Posted on: 25 August 2015

Participating in sports can be fun, but it takes a toll on your body. Injuries are a common challenge every athlete faces, and rehabilitating these injuries takes time and effort. If you have pain related to a sports injury, you might be able to use a foam roller to help alleviate your discomfort. Here are two types of sports-related pain that a foam roller can help you get rid of in the future.
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